Multicultural Gourmet Pack is a new meat package that contains a variety of butchered meat products based on different religions and believes. The pack contains a total of 4 different religions/believes meat products: Halal minced beef (Islamic), Kashrus minced beef (Jewish), minced pork (Christians and others except Muslims, Jews, and Vegetarians), and vegetarian “meat” (Vegetarians). The various meat pieces come in their own religious/believe symbolic shapes, and therefore can be easily recognized. All meat products are butchered based on specific (religious) dietary laws. I.e. all butchering has been executed under supervision of (religious) consultants.

A combination of these meat products intends to support and encourage multiculturalism. As a result, people with different religions and believes are supported and encouraged to gourmet together. Created by by Baha, S.E. & Wang, J.

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  • mozoe jalebiye,,omidvaram be natijei ke mikhay beresi.

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  • that is a waste of meat

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  • =A=

    Holy cow! Tastes err religious! I guess atheist and/or humanist carnivores are not invited!?

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