Created by Bruce Mau, who is not so much interested in the world of design, as in the design of the world.

See also Napkin Sketch – Nature changes along with us.

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  • Design must be understood as a cultural force. But in next nature, we must understand it as a natural phenomena.

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  • I agree with urbanaesthete that it is a word game, however this napkin sketch could also explain for some misunderstandings within the design community.. The left part presents 'design' merely as a servant of industry (lets face it: this is what a lot of designers are making there living with), whereas the right part depicts design in a much broader sense (more as a cultural force). - At the rare moments that I am attending 'design weeks' or 'design awards', I always feel a strong tension between the two interpretations. The napkin sketch helps me understand the schizophrenia within the field. - Oh and in case you were wondering: yes I do feel much more comfortable on the right part of the napkin sketch.

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  • This feels like a play on words. Design as part of business is a discrete practice, while design more broadly is philosophical, definitional and all encompassing.

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  • One could argue whether design is 'inferior' to business in the left part of the image, no? --> There doesn't have to be a relationship between these two concepts and/or their impact could be equally great.

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