2008_01_17t034331_450×321_us_newyork_waterfalls.jpgFor three months this summer, artist Olafur Eliasson will put four giant waterfalls in New York as part of a public arts project. Including one that will fall from the Brooklyn Bridge. Eliasson is well known for his weather project he did in Tate Modern.

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  • It looks like the only place you will be able to see all the waterfalls is the end of Pier 17 at the South Street Seaport....or by boats or water taxi. More photos etc. on http://www.newyorkcitywaterfalls.com

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  • Golden rule of art: if it aint good, make it bigger.

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  • Good thing Olafur Eliasson gets to work big again this summer. I was plain mesmerized by his weather project in the Tate but his indoor museum exhibitions have always somewhat disappointed me (too much science lab experiment and too little experience). His method only works when it is done big so I am delighted he gets another chance this summer.

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