How real is World of Warcraft? When lines get blurred and people voluntarily throw themselves in a state of digital schizophrenia; current values and norms change in ways uncontrollable. People selling their car in real life to purchase virtual items online. People buying someone else’s identity for $1000, because that identity was “cooler” in the virtual world; resembling a Darwinian survival method by consciously making yourself the best adapted species in the digital environment.

What is real, or what really matters? The example image shows the World of Warcraft game setup bought and created by a player named “Bradster”. Living just a ‘Second Life’ was not enough, so he decided to live 36. His characters constitute a one-man army, giving him the challenge and power he obviously craves - paying $5,711 per year in subscription fees.

Do these digital playgrounds show us that our digital identities have become a very important part of our nature, or that our culture does not allow us to be ourselves anymore; inevitably leading to a leap in this new digital self? Or in this case, several selves...

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