Paradise by the Laptop Light 2008

Paradise by the Laptop Light is a next nature event with short films, speedlectures, special guests and one laptop. It will be held on 12 September 2008 16:30-17:30, as the opening event of the Wereld van Witte de With Festival in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

We seem to be living in a time in which the 'made' and the 'born' are fusing. The hypoallergenic cats are already on the market. Plants are used as sensors, information displays and chemical factories. Animals are being augmented and branded. Plastic surgeons sculpt flesh to match retouched photographs in glossy magazines. In response to donar organ shortage, researchers are working on a 3D organ printer.

Real nature is not green. It is out of control. Our technological world has become so intricate and uncontrollable that it has become a nature of its own. Games have become jobs. Second life is not sustainable. Digital world metaphors are boomeranged into our physical environment. Wine making has become an information science. Everyday robots give massages and take care of the children. RFID chips open doors, they might be infected, but nonetheless are edible.

At the Paradise by the Laptop Light event on September 12th, artist/scientist Koert van Mensvoort will be your safari guide on a trip into Next Nature. Expect pig farm realism, emotionally aware systems, remixed animals, monkey joy, and a natural take on the beauty industry. Furthermore we will be hunting corporate animals and googling for the stars.

With visions, statements, movies and designs from Christien Meindersma, Hans Kennepohl, Karl Grandin, Pleix, Michel Valstar, Hendrik-Jan Grievink, Michiko Nitta, Judith de Leeuw, Quirine Racké, Helena Muskens, Marjolein Ruyg, Amir Admoni, Rob Schröder, Brian Schuur, David Menting, Guus Baggermans, Jasper Dekker, Arnoud van den Heuvel, Mieke Gerritzen and more.

Free entrance, limited seats which can be reserved via the festival website.

Language warning: The upcoming Paradise by the Laptop Light event will be mainly in Dutch. Echte Natuur is niet Groen!

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