Animation studios working in the field of architectural practice like Squint/Opera create glimpses of the future that are so beautifully convincing, you sometimes wonder if the future might not be a bit disappointing once you get there. Asking the question often means answering it, so it might be safe to state the future will be pretty boring.

It almost reminds of the visual rethoric some religions use to enrich their followers' believes with utopian images of the afterlife, such as the Jehova Witnesses movement often does in their Watchtower magazine.

Watchtower imagery


You can argue whether God created us in His own image or vice versa, but project developers and architects surely create our vision of nature after theirs!

www.squintopera.com via www.platform21.nl

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  • Looks awesome! Thx for pointing me at these great work! (btw: Pls check the links in the articel; they are wrong. Sorry for my bad english speaking)

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