Did you know there are more plastic flamingos in the USA than real ones? Plastic flamingos are widely considered to be the stereotypical example of lawn kitsch – the American's answer to garden dwarfs. Designed in 1957 by Don Featherstone while working for Union Products, the pink flamingo has gone from a piece of Florida exotica to a symbol of trash culture. Featherstone sculpted his 3-D flamingos from clay, working from photos of the birds in National Geographic.

The species stopped replicating, when manufacturer Union Products went out of business on November 1, 2006. However Faster-Form Corporations now purchased the copyright and plastic molds of Featherstone's original plastic flamingos and will be resuming production in order to save the plastic flamingos from extinction.

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  • The Plastic Flamingos are no longer made by Faster-Form. You can get some of the original Don Featherstone Pink Flamingos from the internet. I also have some other great plastic flamingos on my website.

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  • I like lawn kitsch, the plastic flamingos are so beautiful and I'm so happy every time, when I see them in my garden...

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