Future Augmented Reality

Long after Second Life servers have been shutdown, Augmented Reality is a common place. Thanks to our bioengineered eyes, or our electronic contact lenses, and years of data collected through social websites and our google powered brains, Life became like a game.

Photo by: Oscardds. See also: Wear Your Social Network, Burka dating, Feelings translated to Plants.

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  • Third life is a wonderful term to describe the current penetration of digital technology in our everyday lives, although I must add the term 'third' is rather arbitrary: really, we are not sure if we are living in third, seventh, or the sixteenth life by now. - Looking at the photo with this post; what's so special about the digital technologies in comparison with the other technologies, like the cars, clothes, umbrella's, roads and windows seen in the picture? The answer is simple: the digital technologies didn't exist when we were born, whereas all the others did. Surely, for a new generation these digital technologies will not be perceived as all that special and surely they won't call it 'third life', but rather just: 'life'. - We can see this process in play for centuries, from the invention of fire, to agriculture, to printing press, to biotechnology. Once a technology becomes really successful, we no longer perceive it as technology. Or to put it more abstract: Every nextnature tends to dry out and overtake an older nature, up to the moment that the nextnature becomes the dominant nature (until the moment that it, at its turn, is overtaken by a next next nature.. and so on and on).

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