Using thermochromatic ink, which changes color when the temperature exceeds a specific degree, designer Josien Pieters created a prototype of a dynamic wallpaper that unobtrusively conveys the agenda of its user on the wall.

The idea is not to explicitly visualize your agenda for the week, but rather to provide you with an impression of your upcoming plans. Each yellow element represents an hour of the upcoming week. Dependent on the events you have scheduled in your agenda, the purple elements will lit up.

When looking at this wallpaper you will get an overview of how busy you are during the week. This way the wall decoration gives you the opportunity to create anticipatory pleasure, in addition it can be a great mnemonic device to help you remember important events. Since the data is being presented in an abstract way, other people will only perceive it as decoration.

agenda wallpaper

Download the project report (pdf). See also: Wallpaper blooms when the heat is on, Our environment as information carrier.

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