This video shows the first beta version of TwittARound – an augmented reality Twitter viewer on the iPhone 3Gs. It shows live tweets around your location on the horizon. Because of the video see-through effect you see where the tweet comes from and how far away it is.

The app does something similar as layar(.com) -- launched in Amsterdam (NL) June 17th --, a phone interface that puts a content layer over the phone camera's videoscreen to locate the nearest toilet, bar, supermarket, bank and other search categories.

Though we still trust our natural eyes and ears; with tools like these, we have but to reach in our pockets to look ahead and see what is coming. The apps are not predicting the future yet, but I am pretty sure we will have to get back on that soon.

via: (thanks @droombos) | Related: On the Road | Avatar Machine

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  • Check this TED talk in which Pattie Maes demos the Sixth Sense, "a wearable device with a projector that paves the way for profound interaction with our environment".

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  • Just received a question why this is supposed to be an example of Next Nature. ==> What this 'augmented reality thingy' does (and didn't do thus far), is taking the data right off the internet; add to it the social network data and puts it in a layer on top of what we perceive as old nature and culture. It makes it easy accessable for everyone -- without the use of mouse-cursors or desktop monitors. This way of browsing will probably blend in as if it were an antenna we've always had or weren't suppose to live without. As the technology matures, it becomes part of culture, causing new behaviours and habits... perhaps even a Next Nature.

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