behavioural urbanism

Its title might be self-explanatory and it sure looks intriguing... however kokkugia fails to give a thorough description for this architectual piece. Classified as 'peculiar image' until further notice.

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  • miguel, together with rob and yiota, i was one of the authors of this project. a few years before i did some research on slums in bogota, so let me know if u need further info. diego

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  • @ miguel: Go to --> research section. Quote that wasn't there before: "BEHAVIORAL URBANISM 2008 design research into emergent urban self-organisation undertaken as part of a collaborative masters thesis project (MA. Architecture + Urbanism) at the Architectural Association School of Architecture Design Research Laboratory (AADRL) robert stuart-smith diego perez yiota goutsou this research project addresses Shanghai’s accelerated processes of urbanization; its high levels of density, rapid development, and its increasing housing demand, through a strategy comprising of interrelated organisational systems that incorporate growth and adaptation. Situated on the Shanghai Expo 2010 site, the design proposal for a new mixed-use housing area employs a growth model that incorporates expo and post-expo urban development, seeded from existing site features. Through local associative rules that bring forth self-organisation, fitness is achieved between ranges of density, spatial and social diversity. Three-dimensional cellular automata deployed at the scale of the site generates a differentiated built environment (maximum development envelope) that acts as an environment for the behavior of multiple algorithmic systems that locally operate; dealing with the interrelations between spaces and the generation of their architectural form. This part of the research focused on the development of an urban organization (6km2) that embodies differentiation yet coherence in order; designing urbanism through emergence, where the design of space is the priori. In this manor buildings are able to embody a fine grain spatial field – where adjacencies define local territories whilst the whole operates as a highly connected three-dimensional urbanism, integrating diverse architectural and urban configurations within a coherent whole. Defining urban spatial organization through local associative rules also enables the replacement of a traditional staged master plan – with a constantly adaptive three-dimensional urban fabric that is capable of incorporating contingencies based on real time information. In this sense the built volume could be viewed as Yona Friedman’s Flatwriter yet with design taking the role of ensuring coherent spatial order is developed from the bottom up. However this should not be confused with the generation of architecture that operates within these bounds as described in ‘behavioral Space’ A number of cellular automata(CA) algorithms were developed that organized a 3-dimensional territory on the site. CA’s absract space into an array of cells that are identified individually as pertaining to a particular state. Their state is then changed in relation to neighboring cell states. Each of the rule sets developed offered radically different urbanisms. These were evaluated and a certain number of such rule sets were then deployed strategically – at variously locations on the site in time. Similar to Stephen Wolfram’s 1D cellular automata research, these algorithms were deterministic, where specific neighboring cells states determine an individual cell’s change of state. As such these organisations are non-linear and therefore difficult to predict however they are repeatable. In this way it is possible to design through emergence, indirectly and through feedback mechanisms."

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  • i need more information about this project, im chilean and am on the third year of arquitecture, my project has to do with favela struktures and bauhaus module, if someone can tell me more about this project it would help me very much thank you

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