Regular readers of this website know we are keen to speculate that our global financial system is best perceived as an ecology, which although originally constructed by man, has now gained a certain agency of its own.

Although these next ecologies – like the global financial system and the internet – unquestionably differ in many regards from older ecologies – like rain forests, cloud formations, or coral reefs – there still lies a certain luster in visualizing them as phenomena of old nature.

Already we have seen approaching hurricane$, the ¥€$ datafountain and a magnificent flock of Visa's. Now there is also the credit card rainbow, compiled of thousands of creditcards, freecards, discount carts and gift cards from around the world.

The piece was commissioned by the Graphic Design Museum in Breda, the Netherlands where is is currently on display until the end of September 2009. After that, I expect this nextnature rainbow will travel the world.

credit on color zoom




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