The US Food and Drug Administration is holding up the delivery of an iMac because they seem to think it is an apple, not an Apple.

I don’t want to believe that either UPS or the U.S. Government are so stupid as to think that my Apple computer is actually an apple, but I can’t come up with any other explanation (and neither can people on Twitter). On my UPS tracking shipment screen right now all I see is “Exception” followed by a note that my iMac was held up in in Louisville, Kentucky because, “UPS HAS OBTAINED DOCUMENTATION AND SUBMITTED TO FOOD & DRUG ADMINISTRATION AND/OR DEPARTMENT OF AG/PPQ;AWAITING RESPONSE”

Via BoingBoing. Source: Techcrunch: Dear FDA, Gimme My Mac. Related: So that's where Blackberries come from, Children's dictionary dumps 'nature' words.

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  • The FDA regulates medical devices, which include computer monitors. It's to check the CRT in your LCD flat panel is not emitting any dangerous radiation. The delays come from difficulties in finding the CRT.

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  • P.s. Check out all the computers rolling from this train: (shot with an Apple iPhone)

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  • Come on... to believe the FDA thinks it is about the fruit? It must be the drug part they are worried about. Drugs disguised as computers.

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