The Google Opt Out Feature Lets User protect their privacy by moving to a desolate village where the are guaranteed an environment free from Google products. Participants will expected to know how to grow their own food, heal their wounds and bury corpses by hand.

While this video is a parody, created by the Onion News Network, Google has been facing a lot of privacy concerns both from the US Government and its users. As Google continues to grow, and invade our lives, situations similar to the ones parody might not seem so far fetched and funny?

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  • In our social spectrum, every major player and webmaster must not erase nor confuse the real issues at hand that relates to a user's behavior. We need to address a policy that facilitates protecting our borders whilst maintaining a steady database of information. Perhaps a NEW POLICY should be composed and distributed worldwide outlining the enforcement of such policy with a statement that brings about awareness of the new changes. We must learn from the past if we are to change for the future.

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