A DVD with over twenty visions of artists, scientists, designers, filmmakers and thinkers who present their powerful imagery, radical ideas and visionary statements on how we can design, build and live in the nature caused by people.

Filmed during the Biggest Visual Power Shows at Paradiso, Amsterdam (NL), Zeche Zolverein (DE) and the Million Dollar Theater in Los Angeles (USA). The DVD box contains a booklet including the essay Real Nature is not Green. Among the presenters are Floris Kaayk, Kevin Kelly, Tobie Kerridge, Jack van Wijk, Sunny Bergman, Hendrik-Jan Grievink, Karl Grandin, Casey Alt, Amir Admoni, Jos de Mul, Tracy Metz, Henk Oosterling and many more.

Real Nature is Not Green can now be purchased at our store.


Concept: Koert van Mensvoort & Mieke Gerritzen, DVD Editing: Arnoud van den Heuvel, Video Directors: Amir Admoni, Rob Schroder, Olga Bush, Gerald van der Kaap. ISBN 978-90-811655-5-6productshot_dvd_530.jpg

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  • wow I get these goose bumbs, nature is a harsh thing it,s not so nice as we pict it! survive!

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  • @Erik: It should be available at selected bookshops & museum stores later on, but that distribution usually takes some time. You may want to consider getting it at the source.

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  • Hi, can I buy this DVD somewhere in a store? I live in Amsterdam. Thx, E

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  • Yes Greg, the DVD ships worldwide at the same price. After all, you are dealing with the GOOD people of https://nextnature.net here.

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  • Wow, this looks like an amazing production you've put together. I'll buy it as soon as I have a little more money at my disposal. Please tell me it ships to the US. (please?)

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