After the plant that glows when thirsty, the plant that calls when thirsty, the dataplant, plantvertizing, the emphatic plant and the blogging houseplant, there is now a plant that plays a first person shooter game.

The virtual light, displayed by the monitor, is transferred to the light environment in the room and stimulates the plant. The botanical reactions are then sent back to the controlling of the first person shooter. Through this feedback loop, game real-time and botanic real-time are melted into each other.

The project was created by Thomas Hawranke from the Academy of Media Arts Cologne, who aimed to address how are notions of time and space differ between various environments.From the project description: "Nowadays, when speaking of realtime, one describes the notion of velocity or even acceleration. Realtime in games, means, for example, an „invisible“ framerate in highly detailed and realistic designs. Simulations in realtime are fast calculations and so forth. Considering plants, realtime seems very slow, time, which realtime describes, is expanded or decelerated. If you assign the botanical realtime onto the accelerated realtime, the first is almost unperceivable. Mathematical operations must be used to level the different velocities of time, before the possibility of communication of both areas is warranted."

Perhaps some witty media art student could come up with a plant-gaming-system that can harvest me some gold in a role playing game?


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  • but we just need to farm the plants that farm the gold that helps us to farm the plant....oops

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  • Real farm plants farms virtual gold - very ironical!

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  • A very interesting project indeed! It's interesting to see the number of projects that integrate plants and technology emerge in the world of art/design. When I started my own research project in this field over a year ago, there were very few projects that dealt with this relationship. My project "Augmented Ecologies" (see flickr set) was recently exhibited at the Maker Faire Newcastle to the amazement, amusement and enjoyment of the visitors at the faire :) (as well as mine of course!) Would love a post on next nature! :) Guido Maciocci

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