recycling robot

Let the robots do the dirty work! This real-life Wall-E Recycling robot, part of the $3.9 million DustBot research program that is trying to improve urban hygiene, collects trash and measures atmospheric pollutants. He – or is it a she? – can also identify residents, and sort their trash into organic, recyclable, or waste.

The robot is nimble enough to navigate where conventional gas-guzzling garbage trucks cannot. The one on the picture is still in the prototype phase and robots aren't legally allowed to roam around without human guidance in Peccioli, Italy. But who knows — some day soon you may see a friendly green robot zipping garbage down your street.dustcart-ed02_530.jpg

Via The Guardian. See also: Ladybug cleans the toilet, Killer Robots, the order Electrus.

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  • why not put robots capable of sorting all that garbage onto an assembly line and buy a landfill? they could sort it all out faster and better than people and the owners could sell all the reclaimed materials from the recycling / do the recycling themselves for even more money...

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  • hey, i have seen this before. I love this robot but it does seem to bulky for mass production.I think a robotic system of the one trash system we have now will be the winner. To that effect i have designed a robot for such a purpose.

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