The Triceracopter is half Triceratops, half helicopter. If dinosaurs and technology evolved at the same time, this is what the helicopter might have look like? Built as a sculpture in 1977 by artist Patricia Renick, crafted of fiberglass and built on the frame of a Vietnam era U.S. Army OH6A/Cayuse helicopter.

The piece is now available for the discerning collector/dinopilot. Peculiar object of the week.

Via See also: Aquasaurus, Skeleton Car, Skeleton mouse, Animatus, Pacman’s skull. Thanks Jurrian.

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  • Patricia Renick was my instructor at DAAP in 1999...she was an amazing woman, and I love her work!

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  • Dinosaurs are extinct, the Vietnam war was lost. No, I don't think this thing flies.

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  • Is this thing flyable?

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