Alright, we were mistaken. Money isn't virtual after all.  A recent TV commercial of a Greek bank shed light on the issue. Your money lives, is anthropomorphic and inhabits an earth-like world. And if you trust this particular bank’s services, your money’s environment will be turned into a 'green', sustainable and safe paradise, and the money will mate thoughtfully and reproduce optimally thus creating a happy family. Eventually, all this process will fill you with pride as a new age farmer of your personal money-verse.

Here’s the full script of the commercial's voice-over:

"When you choose a time deposit you also define the environment where your money will live. Someplace where it will feel safe, will meet the right opportunities, and will multiply the way you want. Because—don’t forget—the one who will enjoy this money in the end is you."

In the commercial, money is biomimicmarketed as a happy family of humanoids made of banknotes (!) in a ‘green’ environment made of banknotes (!!) as well. In the money-verse the concept of God is not absent either; it appears at the end of the video as a human investor’s hand  from above which invades the money-verse and (somewhat offensively) grabs the money-pa in order to eat consume exploit [anthropomorphobic corrections] utilize him.

This commercial is so full of metaphors it’s almost poetic: money as a humanoid crop ready for harvesting, a happy family as a symbol of well-designed banking services, relationships as easy as signing a cheque, the environment as a stock market, people as money and vice versa, humans as mini-gods of their micro-worlds, money as the quintessence of the world—you can choose whichever suits you best and... you'll reap what you sowed.

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  • Thoughts worth sharing for a commercial that should raise a few eyebrows. Keep it up homie ;)

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