These pencils release allegedly mind-expanding aromas, letting you 'smell your way to smartness while you write'. According to the creators, the fragrance is encapsulated using nanotechnology, where microscopic bubbles (shouldn't this be nanoscopic bubbles?) containing the fragrance are blended in with the lead. When you write, the fresh fragrance is released from tiny nano-capsules, and 'a fragrant effect with the ability to improve learning' is released into the air.

The pencils, which sell for just two dollars a bag, come in the scents 'Refresh'', Healing', and 'Positive'.

Assuming that our tools of expression can now begin to enhance our intellect and performance, perhaps we should start looking forward to the potential near-future production of the 'Refreshing Keyboard' or the 'Healing iPhone'?


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  • Man I wish they sold those in stores around here...

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  • This reminds me of those old scented felt pens for kids that probably caused brain damage.

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