Last Saturday, our Nano Supermarket opened its doors in a pleasurably crowded atmosphere. Below are some snapshots of the opening event. If you happen to be in the neighborhood, you can still visit the Nano Supermarket in Eindhoven (NL) until Sunday 31 Oktober.

Inside the Nano Supermarket.

Wallsmart programmable paint, by Jonas Enqvist.

Nanolift – physical photoshop, proposed by Orestis Tsinalis.

Nanowine – The entire winery in one bottle, by Van Mensvoort, Grievink, Daas.

Twitter Implant – Tweets status messages about your body, proposed by Hendrik-Jan Grievink

Necklace – allows breastcancer patients to share their recovery with their loved ones, by Marco van Beers.

FluDOC: glowing bacteria tell you whether you have influenza, by Jan van der Asdonk.

Echromi The Scatalog – Allows you to read your stool through genetically modified microbes that color your poop depending on your health condition, by Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg and James King.

Epicur – medicinal chocolate, by Stephan Hoes.

Skinpaper – the ultimate intimate paper, by Tommaso Lanza and Vanessa Harden.

Biojewellery – A pair of rings made from the bone of your lover, by Tobie Kerridge, Nikki Stott and Ian Thompson.

Bio-electric Bonsai, proposed by Susana Soares. Our least feasible, but certainly not our least lustrous product.

Kids carving for the Bioelectric bonsai and the Latro Algae lamp.

Self-dressing NanoSock, by Nicolas Nelson.

Jury chair Ronald van Tienhoven hands out a 2500 euro 'nano' check to designer Nicolas Nelson (read the jury report).

Preparing microwave nanowine for the people waiting in line.

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