Nanotechnology is an important emerging technology of our time – it radically intervenes with our sense of what is natural – yet most people are still relatively unaware of its consequences. The NANO Supermarket presents speculative nanotech products that may hit the shelves within the next ten years: medicinal candy, interactive wall paint, programmable wine, a twitter implant, invisible security spray.

Our products are both innovative and useful as well as uncanny and disturbing. They were envisioned as scenarios for potential nano futures, that help us decide what nano future we want. Come visit the Nano Supermarket to taste & test the products and experience the impact of nanotechnology on our everyday lives.

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  • very informative post . thnx

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  • Merci-bien! Wow... 1014+ nano products!!: :-)

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  • Of course Martijn:

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  • Hi Koert, thanks for your detailed answer! You mentioned: "It is by no means our purpose to give an overview of all the existing nanotech products out there today." Then, can you provide me a good source which describes an overview of today's EXISTING nano-technology based products? ;-)

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  • Thanks Martijn, Regarding your question on whether only a small minority of the products presented in the nano supermarket is currently already on the market: As is described in the supermarket folder, of which we distributed 30.000 copies in the surroundings of the supermarket location, we quite deliberately chose to develop scenarios for speculative products. It is by no means our purpose to give an overview of all the existing nanotech products out there today. Rather, our products are a compact collection of personal product visions created by visionary designers, artists and technologists. Surely, it is not said that all our speculative products will eventually be realized and hit the shelves – If you visit the supermarket you will notice that all the products are accompanied with an indicator that describes their technological feasibility. Even though we are only looking a few years ahead and our products are based on technologies being developed as we speak our Nano Supermarket is really like a crystal ball as far as predicting the future is concerned. I don’t know whether the the bio-electric plant that you can use to charge your cell Phone with will ever be in the shops. Will we still have cell phones then or will we all have a Twitter implant? Is the nanolift really the botox of the future? Are we going to mix medicine and food? We can’t say whether our products on our shelves will ever really be realized. We must see them as exploratory scenarios for a possible, not inevitable, future. The products in the Nano supermarket were not made specifically to predict the future but to give us something to get to grips with now to help us determine which nano future we actually want.

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  • Hey Koert! Niet slecht... je zat met de 'Nano Supermarkt' in het journaal & the "ZAP-service" van Pauw & Witteman. Ik vraag me alleen wel af, hoe komt het dat deze '15 miljard dollar Nano-industrie' slechts met een handvol bestaande producten in de 'Nano Supermarkt' is vertegenwoordigd?

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