Forget about nation states, behold the new world order of social networks. This world map was created by Vincenzo Cosenza.

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  • @Javimr, the map is based on data from Alexa and Google Trends, so accuracy does not seem to be the main priority here, but it is more of an indication. Weirdly enough, our national social network Hyves does show up. Alexa is based on a ranking system based on site analytics, except the ranking is only based on those that have the Alexa toolbar installed. Which mostly turn out to be webmasters & marketeers who do this. As for Google Trends, the sentence on the website says it all:"Google Trends provides insights into broad search patterns. Please keep in mind that several approximations are used when computing these results. All traffic statistics are estimates."

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  • That's not exactly... in Spain, FB is the second most used social network, the fist is Tuenti, a national social network. Anyway, facebook and google are the new power of the XXI century, like the Great Britain in the IXX. Good work with the blog, and excuse my english, i'm very bad.

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  • As the word map of social networks told me, Facebook is the most popular social network all over the world. Actually, Qzone attracts me a lot. Certainly, Qzone comes from China. Because of Chinese some protection policy, lots of famous site you could not visit in China, such as Facebook, Youtube, Wordpress. Qzone, in my opinion, just copied from Facebook, meanwhile, add some functions fit for Chinese. At last, thanks for blogger to share this useful information with me.

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