Mind control for beginners: A mouse expressing ChR2 channels in its neurons starts running when it receives blue light in its motor cortex. Unsure what applications the researchers expect to come out of their achievement – if you have any suggestions do share them in the comment box.

The experiment was conducted by Karl Deisseroth and colleagues at Stanford University. Thanks Arjen Boender.

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  • today it is a mouse..... do we need animals/ creatures with remote controlled brains? what right do we have to think that everything is to our use, and as we please on this planet? where does it end?

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  • using some sort of flocking algorhithm, an entire horde of mice could be controlled/manipulated collectively.... the sheer force of numbers could provide a new and very lethal biotech weapon which could be used to sabotage strategic infrastructure as well as quickly delivering biological agents.

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  • That would be an awesome toy for my cat. Until it "breaks". Also, mount (or implant it, the creature doesn't need its own eyes any more anyways) a camera and you have a pretty neat explorer.

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