Our peculiar image of the week learns us that what is good for the environment doesn't always look good for the environment.

The adieu of this disused tank into the Gulf of Thailand last week looks like a blatantly disgraceful act of dumping waste. Yet all was done in the name of ecology. Trucks and 25 old Army tanks were dropped into the ocean to form artificial corals hoped to improve the ecosystem's fish stocks.

Now lets hope some future archeologist that might find the tanks won't mistake the site for an ancient war zone flooded by the trenches of global warming.

Via the Mirror.

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  • There is a barrel attached to the front of this tank. I hope that's fish food.

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  • Its funny because these tanks will generate more revenue as "wreck dives" than what they'll ever do for the fish.

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  • NP

    The last couple of years New York has been doing the same with their old subway cars. One of the reasons being that it's cheaper than manually removing the asbestos from every single car. http://www.google.nl/search?q=old+subway+cars+in+the+ocean

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  • Hi scot d, do you know of any places on the internet where we could find pictures of such artificial reefs?

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  • It also creates interest for divers, typically a fairly eco-minded bunch. Dumping tanks and sinking ships in this fashion creates artificial reefs, upon which coral can grow, as opposed to artificial coral. I've dived a few - depending on the climactic zone, life can take hold quite fast. There's poetic justice in turning a death machine into a life support system. Maybe we should sink all the tanks.

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