A relatively new kind of marine species is called "Seabreacher".

These watercraft vessels started appearing from 1997 and have been evolving at a rapid pace. Seabreachers enable their controllers to maneuver swiftly through the water: diving, jumping, rolling, porpoising... all within the safety and comfort of a dry, sealed cockpit.

The average copy is capable of reaching 40 mph / 60 kmh on the surface, and up to 20 mph / 40 kmh under water. But the rare Seabreacher X model is capable of 50 mph / 80 kmh on the surface and up to 25 mph / 40 kmh under water! They have been designed to operarate in salt water as well as fresh water.

Unlike their organic ancestors that can dive as deep as 990 feet / 300 meters, they are capable of diving 5 feet under water for recreational purposes only. And where sharks and dolphins survive on a variety of fish, the elegant Seabreacher runs on gasoline. It is because of these characteristics that Seabreachers must be classified as objects of 'biomimic marketing'.

Imagery via Innespace

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  • yea. im getting one. ranges from 65-85 thousand. Yea. when im 30 ill try.

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  • Don

    Saw one of the videos with a guy standing on the back, holding onto the top fin, while the Sea Breacher was going along, quite fast. PLEASE, it's only a matter of time before a sudden stop against a wave, or, a steep dive, throws you into that fin and impales you. STOP doing that!

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  • eba

    The French shipyard Piratus is also working on a new dolphin boat generation at the fraction of the price of this one. Seems will be available at the end of 2011. http://www.piratus.com

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  • @Tom Yeah somebody needs to create one of these that looks like a great white, that goes twice as fast, and has jaws.

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  • Tom

    And then a shark comes along and ruins everyone's day.

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  • Nice guidance and sharing. This is a wonderful..

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  • AS cool as this looks (and it looks pretty cool), if you don't get wet or feel the wind in your hair, might as well be hooked up to a VR machine. I wonder what will happen when one of these runs into a ship's propellor! Or an Orca!

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  • Woah.. if they need any testing pilots they know where to find me. I hope. Lot's of kids have the dream to 'swim with dolphins' now they can ride in one.. Well. The rich kids can. If I ever reach my midlife-crisis I'm not gonna buy a red sports car, but this.

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