Bikes seem to be a new life form. They are everywhere in the city. On the street, in bike parking, but also just as plentiful on the bottom of channels, on top of street lanterns or in the tiniest alleys. Somehow they find their way into every nook and cranny of this urban environment. Many of them do not seem to have an owner, and those who have get stolen so regularly that many people stop caring. They buy a stolen one of their own or just find one somewhere.

I observe and experience a trend taking shape in which bikes become an independent system that no one really has control over or responsibility for. Will bikes at some point detach completely from ownership and just hang around the city, letting us people ride their backs as long we pay a small yearly contribution?

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  • I'm sorry but you can only say that for Amsterdam and some other big cities of the Netherlands :-) Although I would wish that in Germany the bike was as popular as in Amsterdam...

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