As a gamer, I come across many visions of possible futures. But this trailer from the upcoming video game Deus Ex: Human Revolution, the third part in the Deus Ex series shocked me with its convincing message.

Prosthetic limbs have been perfected, and in this world people are exchanging their completely functional limbs for better and improved parts. But what are the dangers of doing this? Except for the many ethical questions it proposes, it also lays our humanity in the hands of corporations. What if, just as the trailer suggests, we need to take drugs to keep our bodies from rejecting the augmentations? Will we start to despise those who give up their organic 'parts' for better ones? Or look up to them?

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  • This video sounds convincing because it uses the typical TED format to programme its audience. Just close your eyes and listen to the segments where the actors deliver their science-turned-wrong lines, the impersonation is nearly perfect.

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  • The evidences from the Game Arthritis study ( make me think that gamers are the most susceptible to adopt human augmentation en masse.

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