Through the years we have developed a greater and greater knowledge of the human body. Next to all these developments we have also been able to develop our technology on a smaller and smaller scale. Combining these two gives us the possibility to rebuild ‘broken’ human beings. Next level prosthetics grant disabled people new abilities to run, pick things up, utilize tools and now even feel.

Using a new form of nano-skin researchers have been able to place small pressure and heat sensors across a hands surface using nanowire. While taking medical developments further and further it becomes reality to connect these sensors to our nerves and actually start feeling again.

Here is a related TED talk that discusses a new prosthetic arm for veterans.

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  • I was thinking along these same lines but not just for amputee's. I was considering suits for human's that enable them to be bulletproof and guard against all sorts of bugs. By using C-76 in the make-up of the suit it could be tailored to the wearer so that only they could wear it. Just as you already have up on the board I see. Thanks for creating such a great website.

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