Sexuality and sensuality are phenomena which have been a nature for us as long as we humans exist. Not only humans experience these phenomena; also animals experience sexuality and, more or less, sensuality.

One of the things which make humans distinct from other animals when it comes to sex, is that humans make use of artificial artifacts to stimulate sexual feelings. Have you ever seen a lion which needed a vibrator to make things better?

Looking from natures perspective it is already quite noticeable that, apparently, old nature is not good enough for human beings. It seems like this ‘sexual fun’ becomes increasingly artificial. Where other animals like monkeys are happy with natural derivatives like a cucumber, over the past few years humans used technology to design several ‘girl touching’ games for different gaming platforms. Did you even expect yourself to be sexually stimulating yourself with a Gameboy in the future? Well, yes or no, the possibility is there now. So what do you think about this? Does the fact that more and more complex technology is used for sexual fun stimulate you? Or do you rather stick to the ‘good old’ cucumber?

Source (Gizmodo)

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  • Haha. Yesss. Love Plus+ is a very popular DS game in Japan! You can even book (real) a hotel together with you (digital!) date: You get a room for you and your digital date, all furnished for two. I was quite amazed by the amount of dating sims and just awkward touching-games like Doki Doki Shinpan (I guess it translates to "Heartbeat invasion") in Japan. Also the popular idol group AKB48 is available in dating-games-version for the PSP. My prediction is that RobotSex will be invented in Japan.

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