Columbia professor Dickson Despommier imagines filling New Yorks skyscrapers with farms. As over 50% of the world population now lives in urban areas, this scenario could solve distribution problems and reconnect people with their food. Unsure if the pig skyscraper is also incorporated in the plan.

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  • Do we really need vertical farms? Is that really our problem? Do we not have enough land to grow crops? Consider this ... I think the problem lies elsewhere, it is the shipping and distribution distances, the miles and miles food has to travel to reach its customers. Local products can grow anywhere, no need for fancy stacked greenhouses in the downtown areas of the big cities. Urban agriculture has a long history and is a strong part of many 3rd world megacities - t works there, without green skyscrapers ....

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  • If you have an opportunity try visiting TerraSphere Systems’ website,, they are currently in business with Vertical farms up and running in Canada and their website is very informative (Watch the “Two Seeds, Two Stories” video). Also visit another company I have been researching, Converted Organics, they produce organic fertilizer by using food waste that is composted in a weeks time. Converted Organics and Terrashpere recently announced that they will be building a vertical farm in Rhode Island that should be complete by midyear 2011. I am not affiliate with Terrasphere, just thought you might want to take a look. Respectfully, Jake

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