Scientists have developed a biomimetic robot that will be able to swim forever, since its artificial muscles are powered by water. And since Robojelly lives underwater, it will never run out of energy.

Like a real jellyfish, Robojelly is able to move on its own and adjust its form and size to do so, by using artificial muscles that can contract and relax. Thanks to a nickel-titanium based material called Shape Memory Allloy (SMA), wrapped in nano-platinum sheets, a combination of oxygen and hydrogen gases can activate the muscle contraction, relaxation and also 'remember' its original shape.

Because oxygen and hydrogen in water cause chemical reactions to the platinum, Robojelly will be able to swim as long as it remains in or under water, and will not need another extern source of energy. This way, the robot can, for example, be used in the future for finding humans or objects under water.

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  • It is powered by mixture of hydrogen and oxygen, not by water. Therefore it needs fuel to work. (cf. the law of energy conservation :)

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