Could you imagine yourself having QR-code freckles, or a chlorophyl skin? Dutch artist Marcia Nolte visualises these kind of speculative scenarios in a very non-spectacular yet beautiful way. This Corpus 2.1 series is a follow-up to her earlier Corpus 2.0 series, of which we also featured a stunning image in our book.

Although I love this work, one could argue if the 2.1 series is really a more elaborate version of the 2.0 series. Personally, I think the latter makes a more radical statement. Although at first hand her images of texting-thumbs and telephone-shoulders might seem a bit far-off, they present a more inconvenient truth, in the sense that our bodies have already since long been impacted and shaped by design. I’m not talking about plastic surgery here, but about the technology that we take so easily for granted: clothing, cooking, housing, cities, birth control, the working week. Really.

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