Can you do it? Do finish your lunch before clicking the link – or you might vaporise. The video was made by Jason Silva for the ongoing TEDGlobal 2012 which has Radical Openness as its theme.

It is particularly remarkable how Jason creates video references in a manner one traditionally only sees in scientific writing. Is science going video? Let's hope so. Today too many people working on what they think is a scientific problem, by default assume the answer is a text. Understandably this habit stems from a rich scientific tradition, which is becoming problematic as we all increasingly suffer from the so-called knowledge paradox: we have loads of knowledge available, but due to information overload this knowledge is often not shared.

According to a study by Science, only 45 percent of the articles published in the 4,500 top scientific journals were cited within the first five years after publication. Part of being radically open is to find richer modalities to share knowledge. Jason is taking an excellent lead in this.

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