Bioethicist Paul Root Wolpe presents a parade of recent bio-engineering experiments, from glowing monkeys, to genetically boosted salmon, to cyborg insects. He asks: isn't it time to set some ground rules? Sure. Bring it on Paul!

Now regular readers of this website already know most of the lustrous & monstrous examples, yet throughout the talk you feel a certain suspense: you-are-now-listing-to-a-real-bioethicist-who-any-minute-now-is-going-to-lay-out-some-crystal-clear-ground-rules-for-bio-engineering. Unfortunately Paul constrains himself to a call for rules, but doesn't deliver them himself. Who will?

Thanks anyway Ewelina Szymanska.

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  • In "Engines of Creation" (1986), Eric Drexler devises an approach to enquire into such kind of ethical issues through rounds of argument, cross examination and negotiation to seek agreed-upon statements amongst people who have no vested interests, much like a science court. I doubt this is ever going to happen though, mainly because cleaning the mess is too profitable. Innovation is the mother of necessity.

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  • Industry? Governments? The Pope? People?

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