A new study from the marine conservation group Oceana reveals that a full one-third of seafood across the US is mislabeled. Not surprisingly, the most expensive fish is also the most lied-about. Tuna was anything but tuna 57% of the time, while red snapper was another species in a whopping 87% of all cases. While cheaper, harmless species like tilapia are often substituted for the real deal, there's at least one health threat on record: "White tuna" might actually be escolar, a tasty fish that nonetheless causes oily, explosive diarrhea.

As with the horse meat scandal, it's astonishing how few consumers can tell the difference between species the we assume to be wildly different. It all comes down to marketing that treats fish like brands – just as that Nike swoosh is more important than the shoe itself, the words "bluefin tuna" matter far more than the actual taste.

Image from Flickr user Whologwhy.

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