First there was the speculative nanotech Food Printer, then the speculative  printer for digital gastronomy. Now, NASA has a visionary idea for a 3D food printer that's one step closer to reality, with pizza the first food on the menu. 

More and more we are becoming familiar with 3D printers. They are expensive, but they open the possibility of creating the unthinkable. The recorded uses are very different, from device covers produced by Nokia, to open-source working guns made in garages. The first application of NASA's 3D food printer will be for astronauts, so that they can enjoy dishes that, until now, were impossible to bring to space.

NASA's $ 125,000 check goes to the mechanical engineer Anjan Contractor, from the Systems and Materials Research Corporation of Austin, who explains: “The way we are working on it is, all the carbs, proteins and macro and micro nutrients are in powder form”. So, instead of ink in the cartridges there will be powders that can be combined to make different foods. Let's hope the printed pizza will not taste like cardboard!

Story via Quartz


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