1. Choose a name for you and your fellows' cell in honor of an inspiring historical personality.

2. Destroy as many CCTV cameras as you can.

3. Post videos or pictures of your conquests to earn points.

These are the rules for CAMOVER, a real-life game started under the motto Freiheit stirbt mit Sicherheit: Freedom dies with security. CAMOVER was founded in Berlin in response to the increasing number of security cameras getting installed around the German capital.

The website's FAQ describes various creative methods of attack, including the "paint gun", "sticker and tape", and "block drop". The site also has recommendations about learning the territory before acting, how to properly move or hide in your designated area and how to hide from police helicopters.

CAMOVER was supposed to end on the 19th of February, when the European police congress was held in Berlin. Nevertheless, "commandos" and "brigades" from Germany, Greece, Belgium, Finland and the west coast of the United States seem to enjoy the game too much to stop playing just yet.

While media are debating if CAMOVER participants are heroes or criminals, here at Next Nature we wonder instead if political structures are also a real-life system gone wild: Although humans created these structures, at times it seems reasonable to question if we are the ones still in control.

Story via The Guardian. Image via Rohit Nayak

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  • "Freiheit stirbt mit Sicherheit" has two meanings, not only "Freedom dies with security" but also "Freedom certainly dies". (mit Sicherheit = with security / certainly)

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