What to do when earth is not enough? Thousands of people, tired of their life on Earth, are ready to emigrate to Mars. Since subscriptions opened on April 22, 80,000 people have submitted applications to the Dutch nonprofit Mars One, hoping to become settlers of the red planet.

Mars One wants to bring four people on Mars in 2023 in order to establish a permanent settlement and start a colony, adding new colonists every two years. Once on Mars, assuming that their "flight" ended well, the settlers will have to face the fact that they will never be able to return to Earth. The initial launches to Mars will be made in 2016 to send the necessary materials and tools for the construction of shelters.

The mission will require substantial investment: about six billion dollars. Mars One plans to cover the entire expense by broadcasting live images of the expedition. It would be a sort of reality TV show, the biggest ever produced, showing all the stages of the process: selection of the interplanetary travelers, training, the journey to Mars, settlement, and everyday life.

So far, the organization has received applications from more than 120 countries, from the US through China and Europe. Interested in a new life "abroad"? Until August, you can submit a one-minute video application, explaining the reasons for your candidacy. Will there be a next nature on Mars?

Source CNN

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  • absolute stupidity. Completely mindless. Earth is beautiful and in so much need of assistance and love. Let's concentrate on meshing with our own ecology. Dismantling this ridiculous terraforming on Earth is a much more attractive idea. 6 billion dollars! reality tv show? a perfect example of how wrong we are. That money could rehabilitate biomes here on earth and feed and educate the majority (of poor). We are destroying existing examples here of what they want to build up there. complete F^&*ing mindless waste.

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