Science Gallery is calling synthetic biologists, bio-artists, bio-designers, amateur biotechnologists and bio-hackers to submit projects to their upcoming flagship exhibition GROW YOUR OWN.

“[This is] the first self-replicating species we’ve had on the planet whose parent is a computer…. This is a philosophical advance as much as a technical advance,” J. Craig Venter, announcing his ‘synthetic cell’ in 2010.

GROW YOUR OWN… is a curated, open call exhibition tackling provocative questions raised by synthetic biology, and is supported by a Society Award from the Wellcome Trust. Curated by Professor Paul Freemont (Imperial College), Professor Anthony Dunne (Royal College of Art), Cathal Garvey, Daisy Ginsberg, and Professor Michael John Gorman (Science Gallery), GROW YOUR OWN… offers audiences a participative experience to explore the possibilities and potential implications of synthetic biology, through an exhibition, events and workshops.

The open call will close at 12 midnight on May 26th 2013. For more information please see grow your own.

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