A global wine shortage is coming. Rising global consumption is contending with European wine production that has been acutely affected by changing weather patterns. Because wine consumption depends on regional grape varieties that are often climate-specific, poor harvests in Italy and France (the two largest global producers of wine, and among the largest consumers too) will lead to a global wine shortage as the 2012 vintage is released.

It is likely that global warming will shift the climates suitable for grape-growing. Some may disappear entirely, spelling the end of specialty products like Canadian ice wine. This presents a problem unless, of course, there was a way to take advantage of rising production in other markets such as the USA and Asia without giving up on those region-specific wine varietals.

Enter Nano Wine. A NANO Supermarket product, Nano Wine contains microwave-activated nano particles (plus placebo effect) that change the flavor of the wine. If we could reproduce the traditional varieties and vintages of wine that will be in such high demand, we could make more efficient use of global grape production and avoid the coming crisis.

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