The godfather of news, Walter Cronkite, had a show on CBS that showed off technology of the future. One episode that aired on March 12, 1967 showed off what a kitchen would look like in 2001.

Cronkite predicted that "Meals in this kitchen of the future are programmed. The menu is given to the automatic chef via typewriter or punched computer cards." and not only the meal, but also the "cups and saucers are molded on the spot."

While this 45 year old retro-future kitchen vision is currently still utter fiction, surprisingly, the visions on the office from the same TV show – as can be seen in the video below – have been fully realized.

Apparently the vision on the kitchen was more naive or there simply was less urgency to realize it? Makes sense. Contrary to office work, people also cook as a form of self-expression, relaxation and entertainment. The efficiency focused visions from the sixties don't make much sense in that realm.

Via Gizmodo.

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