The future of USB keys? Sticky notes 2.0! Traditional Post-it has been updated by an Indian duo of designers, Aditi Singh and Parag Anand. DataSTICKIES could be the next generation of data portability. Made of graphene to mimic the look of little adhesive note tabs, they can store a great quantity of digital information, just like a USB key.

To read the contents and transfer files, the notes need to be stuck on a Optical Data Transfer Surface that is attached to the front of surfaces, for instance a computer monitor or a television. The reusable conductive adhesive helps the connection.

The user can write on DataSTICKIES' top surface and attach them to the physical objects they are associated with. It's an interesting idea for the possibilities it opens. As its creators point out: “DataSTICKIES provide an opportunity to bridge the virtual world and the physical world. Digital data becomes easier to associate with, as it can be integrated with the physical objects it relates to. For instance, data related to a particular subject in a book can be stuck on the relevant page”.

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