The In Vitro Meat Cookbook presents speculative lab-grown meat products that might be on your plate one day: knitted steaks, meat ice cream, revived dodo wings, crispy-colorful magic meatballs, meat fruit amuse-bouches, meat paint, beef sushi grown under perfectly controlled lab settings and more.

Our debate-provoking products are innovative as well as uncanny and disturbing. The cookbook will be the ultimate conversation starter on the future of meat. And the perfect present from a vegetarian to a meat lover, or from a meat lover to a vegetarian. Help us realize the In Vitro Meat Cookbook and be part of the future of our meat!

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  • Thanks Matthijs. We are also very much looking forward to making the book. In fact we are already working on it for over a year! We have flexible funding on Indiegogo because I am certain that the book is going happen, so if you fund the campaing you will get a book with your name in it. Do check out the early bird perk.

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  • After the Next Nature Book, this has to be an amazing book! I was wondering, if I contribute this project on Indiegogo, and you don't get your goal... Do I receive my book or not? If I do, than I'm for sure I contribute!

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