What would the world look like if Wi-Fi waves were visible? American artist Nickolay Lamm gives us the answer by visualizing an idealized map of Wi-Fi data transmission over Washington, DC.

For this artwork Lamm teamed up with M. Browning Vogel, an astrobiologist and former NASA employee. Dr. Vogel described the science behind wireless technology and Lamm used the information to create the visualizations. The presence of Wi-Fi routers on buildings, street lights and objects in the street creates circular electromagnetic fields that we move through without noticing.

wi fi 2 wi fi 3 wifi 4 wi fi 5

Lamm has made an invisible technology  tangible, letting us know more about the terrain of Wi-Fi networks in urban spaces. Does this change our perception of the surroundings?

Source: Motherboard

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  • the entire spectrum of electromagnetic radiation, microwaves, radio, tv, radar, cellphones, wi-fi, on and on ... constructive interference patterns begin to show up, oscillating, form-creating shape-shifting flows in which ghostly entities begin to appear, they appear alive, communicating, and as the density of waveforms increases we begin to see an entire civilization existing within these energy fields ... and viola, human 2.0 ... or 3.0

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