The exercise of the future? Paleolithic fitness! From hanging from a tree branch like Tarzan, throwing and catching cobblestones to barefoot climbing, working out like our ancestors is the latest American trend. The new/old caveman fitness craze is quickly surpassing other exercise programs in popularity.

Paleo fitness adepts avoid "obsolete" gyms and boring repetitive workouts using machinery and enclosed spaces. The key is to use nature, the body and any object you can find in the environment.

As Erwan Le Corre, founder of the MovNat fitness system explains, the goal of the caveman workout “is to perform practical tasks, physical actions that you would perform in the real world, both in day-to-day and challenging situations”.

In New York, for instance, meet-up groups have formed to follow the dictates of the Paleo workout. In Central Park they not only run barefoot through trails, swing from branches and hoist logs over their heads but they literally act like cave men and women, imitating the movements of prehistoric ancestors.

Modernity has tried to whitewash our tribal spirit, but our inner caveman is irrepressible!

Source: Today

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