For every smartphone user to recognize, is that merely the lighting of your screen, a vibration or ring distracts you from almost every activity. Even when you are spending time with your lover, friends, family or colleagues, any event on your screen seems to outrange the interaction you are physically part of. Being honest, does the screen really makes you happy, and does that tweet, like or Instagram truly enlight you? Research shows that people value off line interaction over online communication, which furthermore for a larger part contributes to people’s wellbeing and feelings of happiness (Leefritme, 2010).

Reconnect with others

Reconnect offers a solution to change this smartphone related anti-social behavior. Reconnect is a positive and public-spirited brand that highly values social events. The brand is developed to connect people and for them to value quality time with lovers, family, friends and colleagues. Reconnect designs jewelry that provides feedback on people’s smartphone use in social situations. For its positive character, Reconnect chooses rewarding good behavior over punishing bad behavior.


How it works

The jewelry, including a ring, electronic tattoo and necklace, provides feedback in an unique way. Bella, the flowered ring, blooms open and amplifies its beauty when people don’t use their smartphones in social events. When the user fails to resist the lighting smartphone screen or familiar beep, the flower will close. The electronic tattoo Nano will give a warm sensation and changes color when people don’t use their smartphones. Finally, the Pulse necklace reminds its user of acquaintances in the room with a subtle heartbeat when using their smartphone. Besides the feedback, the jewelry and the brand’s recognizable triangle logo allows people to make a statement; that it is important to really be there during social events.


Next level

The jewelry items described above are prototypes and ‚design fiction’ products. The designs challenges people to think about their smartphone usage. I would like to take the brand and jewelry to the next level, which will require cooperation with other designers and developers. If you are interested in working together, the whole research and project can be viewed at


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