Inspired by the fact that nowadays people know more brands and logos than names of animals, Dutch artist Gurt Swanenberg created a series of paintings, called Cryptozoology.

These corporate “species” refer to the influence of global branding, highlighting the loss of biodiversity across the planet.

“Cryptozoology means literally ‘study of hidden animals’, it refers to the search for animals whose existence has not been proven. This includes looking for living examples of animals that are considered extinct, or animals whose existence lacks physical support but which appear in myths and legends. The specimens shown here are examples of a surreal view on the influence of our global branding and mass consumerism. A disturbing example of industrial evolution.”

For centuries artists painted trees and clouds because that was the landscape around them, today they remix brands and logo because that is what they are surrounded by.

Cryptozoölogie (specimen 8) CRYPTOZOOLOGY (SPECIMEN 8) OIL ON PANEL

Cryptozoology (Fish skeleton) Oil on panel, wood and glass cabinet Cryptozoology (Fish skeleton) Oil on panel, wood and glass cabinet


Find more specimens at Gurt Swanenberg 

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