The growing demand of electricity and digital communication has a major impact on Indian urban areas.

The increasing use of electronic devices in daily life and the ways we relate to them affect also fast developing countries, like India. This modernization process has led to the creation of DIY electrical and digital communication network in some areas of New Delhi.

These do-it yourself networks often shutdown, or cause dangerous situations. A hundred million of people depend on those fragile handmade networks. A blackout could have an impact on industry and services, such as transport, communication, healthcare and agriculture.

This DIY network gives an insight into the complexity of our electric and communication systems, from which we are always surrounded.

At the electricity poles, where all the wires join, it appears a sort of wire tree coming from a new form of nature. Welcome in the next nature!

dangerous power lines

India Power Outage

Tangled overhead electric power cables are pictured at a residential area as children stand on the roof of a house in Noida

Source: The Economist

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