US-based artist and animation professor Dennis Hlynsky visually isolated the flight paths of birds. He filmed the movements of different flocks flying and, using digital editing techniques, he turned this video into a surreal experience of shapes forming overhead.

Stacking frames together to optically convey the long trails of motion, Hlynsky collected a large amounts of visual data on bird flight.

Black lines mark the sky showing the curved motions of starlings, vultures, swallows, and pigeons. “I do not use time lapse in the traditional sense of the word but offer a glimpse, seconds long, of the paths these creatures take” - explains Hlynsky - “I find each 'flock' has a form, a rhythm, and pattern to the glyphs they leave as they perambulate.”

From spotting little dots moving across the sky, to recognizing actual patterns of flight, a new level of bird watching!


Source: My Modern Met

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